Defender 1 Full Up


This is our everyday carry! This offer gives you all the flexibility you need to carry and deploy your Defender when you need it! Give yourself a fighting chance against the bad guys with this great full up Defender 1. It has saved many a persons lives too. Free online training! Master Brusso puts this together just for you!

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The Defender 1 is our standard everyday carry but this full up offer gives you not only the defender 1 but also: lanyard, defender clip, friction tape for enhanced grip, clip Kydex holster so you can carry it anywhere you can use a clip, and also a Kydex holster neck rig! This allows you the maximum freedom of where and how to carry it. Deploys quickly and is super easy to carry. You can also carry it as a side, underarm holster plus inside of jackets, on your belt, or even in your pocket. Super flexible with the ease of carrying and nonlethal protection.

Give yourself a fighting chance with a defender. It has saved many a person’s life! We have tons of stories of people who saved their life by using one of our defenders. Master Brusso makes your tool and options personalized just for you! Get yours today so you can walk with confidence knowing you have a better than fighting chance against the bad guys! You get Defender 1, Defender clip on the tool, neck Kydex holster, Kydex clip holster to place anywhere you can put a clip, a lanyard, and friction tape on the tool to enhance your grip!


2018 Kydex “CLIP” Holster

Defender Kydex Holster Neck Rig

Defender Clips



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