When our tools were used in war, many of the militaries put them on “fixed cord” lanyards. I have many pictures of these “dangling” down from their wrists, all the while they are searching for a person. I never liked the option of having a “fixed cord” attached to your wrist and, therefore, your arm, so I asked Dr. Q to work on an adjustable wrist breakaway version.

We now have a great new “wrist breakaway lanyard system” that also comes with a hook for your pant loops or the like. Also, this lanyard is adjustable for large to small wrists, so one size can fit all.

The wrist lanyard also has a hook to use it like our other lanyard attaching it to your pants or web gear. When needed, you unhook it and slip your hand into the loop, adjust the loop with the slide knots, and you are ready to use it. Hold your self-defense weapon in your hand and, when necessary, drop your defender and use both hands for whatever you need. When you are finished, a quick whip of your arm flings the defender back up into your hand, ready to use.

Great for runners or anyone who will carry the defender ready to use but might need both hands for some activity. The best part is if the bad guy grabs your defender, you can tug and breakaway the tool from your arm.

 A fixed lanyard can allow the bad guy to grab your defender and therefore have control over your arm, which isn’t a good thing at all. This new approach gives you total flexibility in your self defense and your safety. You can now use both hands to perform an activity but yet whip your arm, and the self defense weapon is back up in your hand, ready to defend you or your loved ones.

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