The defenders “wow” the Walking Dead!

Mr. Rooker of the Walking Dead TV hit series

Mr. Rooker isn’t alone in his surprise at how these self defense tools work and can create large amounts of pain in a short moment. Most people who are introduced to the defenders self defense gadgets experience the same thing: OUCH! As you explore the defender line of models, you will see that things become more aggressive as you go down the line and thus more damage to your attacker. There are times when you want to do maximum damage, and yet other times, you don’t. 

You need to decide what you need or get more than one, so you can carry the model you need depending on where you are going. I always counsel that if you are going somewhere where cell phone coverage is inadequate, or that help won’t get to you for some time, you want to carry a more aggressive defender like a defender 2, RP defender, Swan, owl, or a ronsonator.

The bottom line is give yourself a fighting chance to defend yourself and your love ones. These self defense tools have saved hundreds of lives as to this date. The defender training is even free and web based so you can learn how to use your self defense tool as it is in the mail; heading to you! I have them hanging by most of my doors that open to the outside of my house! I’m always within 5 feet of any defender and because they are so inexpensive you can purchase them for your home, car, boat etc. It’s good to have an option of giving the bad guy the bad day; when he comes a calling! 

More aggressive tools

Swan | Parrot | Defender 2 | Ronsonator | Owl

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