Defender Swan – Self Defense Gadget


The defender swan is one of our best sellers for those who want a no-nonsense self defense gadget. The swan is certainly a great addition to your self defense gadgets and as we always suggest you carry a self defense gadget depending on where you are going.

This self defense gadget was originally made for the military, who love this, but now we are offering it to the civilian population. Available in CLEAR only.

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The swan was, more or less, invented for the military and its use in Iraq. However, what happened is not only did the military love the design but other military forces (England) loved it too! Needless to say, its a tool that will not let you go! Opponents of this tool are hating life and will do whatever you want. With four points to motivate your opponent no matter how you move your hand, you are putting a point on the opponent will feel. This is a no-nonsense self defense gadget that you only deploy when you mean business! It’s just a no-nonsense tool that will REALLY help your opponent decide to do just what you want.



Peel the cover off your self defense gadget!



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