If you have a defender and can take a picture of it somewhere in the world… send it to me. Many people just take a picture of the defender against an iconic backdrop of where they are at. For example a defender with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background would do nicely. Some people don’t want their faces in the picture and that is ok… just capture a great background.

Even the Walking Dead loves the RP Defender!

So there they go!

We are amazed to see where our self defense gadgets go, all around the world. Some of the memorable places are but not limited to: the berlin wall, in London, Germany, Italy, Israel, China, Malaysia, India, the UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Time Square with the ball dropping down, the Vatican, high-end business clubs, every state in the USA, Canada,  and more.

It has been taken into the air, on the sea, and on high-end places on the globe. We also have many instructors around the world. If you don’t see one in your country or area consider becoming an instructor. It goes to show you that when you take your active self protection seriously you can see how important the defenders can serve your active self protection.

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