Ultimate Deals!

The ultimate deals!

The travel package

Yes… it’s that time for travel and we wanted to give you a great deal. In this package deal you get a defender 1, and a stealth defender for your travels. The defender 1 can go anywhere with you, like on a plane or the like, however, when you get into country, you might want to switch to the stealth. Here is the reason why… the defender 1 is a great tool and is non lethal. It causes lots of pain for an opponent but when you need to say NO to someone, the stealth does that fast and effective. The defender 1 was designed to not do a whole lot of damage where in contrast the stealth is a no nonsense tool that says NO in all capital letters. The stealth defender also doubles as a fish scaler, ice scraper, and it opens pasta packages with ease. As a matter of fact it opens all plastic packages with ease and some body parts as well. So when you need to travel get this package deal…

The home defense package

The collage package

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