Say “Hell NO” package deal

Say “Hell NO”

Self Defense Weapon The Say HELL NO package deal

Frankly there comes a time that you must just say NO to those who want to do you harm. It’s rare but when you need it… this package is without parallel!

Get used to having something to say NO with!!!!

Package Deal

There are times that you when you have to defend yourself it all comes down to doing a lot of damage in a very short order! That time is known as “HELL NO”! The bad guys don’t care about you all they want to do is hurt you, rob you, or even worse. These are the times when you don’t care how much damage you do all you want to do is stop them from whatever they want to do with you or a loved one. 

This is where this package deal comes in! These two tools are some of the most aggressive tools that we have to offer. Only deployed when you just simply have to say NO. 

Most of the time we never see times like this but when you do it’s important to have the tools you need for your safety or your family’s safety. 

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This package deal offers a great savings. Normally you would pay $48.90 however the sale price is $28.63!

  • Learn about the Ronsonator

    The Ronsonator has a bit of a history about it. I (Master Peter Brusso) designed this very aggressive self defense weapon main for the military. However, it was during the time of the “men who stare at goats” book (where I’m chapter 8 in the book) by Jon Ronson. Jon Ronson is a rather famous author in the UK who has many shows and one is on BBC Channel 4. We had a naming contest on one of his shows and thus the name was given to this aggressive self defense weapon after the author. He wasn’t that pleased with it but went with the concept. He is very non violent and thus to have a violent self defense weapon named after him… hum… Well that is how it got it’s name.

  • Features of the Ronsonator

    The Ronsonator  has the “beak” like the parrot, saw tooth soft tissue capture capability, and two really sharp points for attacking tissue or muscle. You can come in behind a person and with the rear sharp point pull them back into you thus capturing them. It also has a “V” shape cut in the top of the weapon which is used to attack under the nose thus pushing off your opponent without turning your hand. It’s extremely aggressive just the type of self defense weapon when you need it the most!

  • Learn about the Spec Ops 2

    The spec Ops 2 was designed to be a very aggressive self defense weapon that “punishes” your attacker with a forward pointing “point” for them to run into. If they punch or kick at you; you let their hand or foot run directly into the point.

    The rear facing point is for soft tissue captures between your thumb and the point “ouch!!!”

    The point at the bottom of the handle allows you to smash that into a head or even a hand that is grabbing you.

    The hole in the tool is for capturing fingers or thumbs; if the opportunity presents itself. Or you can directly capture a finger and hold that finger in the hole on the tool, thus capturing that arm as well.

    I used this tool once to take down a shoplifter who made me look small! This guy was 350 pounds and 6 foot 5 inches! I used the front edge to capture his finger between the edge and my grip on the weapon, then a simple arm bar using the pain from the finger… I face planted this guy and waited for the police to come. It’s long story but it worked fantastic. This tool was also used by the military during physical searches of people and it was always there for them to defend themselves in close quarters combat! 

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