Podcast with Master John Enger

This was a great but rather long video all about the defenders and how Master Enger has come to love them! Originally Master Enger was very skeptical about the self defense tools but after his training with them, well now is one of our instructors. I recently sent him our “Full Up” defenders and our new holsters to test… he loves them.

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Self Defense Weapon Podcasts

Here are some of our self defense weapon podcast that cover experiences and interviews about the self defense weapon


Meet Steve Shelton and his defender training

This is a podcast about one of our newest self defense tools instructors Steve Shelton from Chicago IL. He came out and spend 6 days with us training on all kinds of things so this covers some of that experience and a bit more… enjoy!

Meet Lester Davis

Lester Davis is a very regular guy who lives in New Orleans LA. He is very familiar with street violence and was seeking a self-defense tool to add some protection. In this podcast, you will learn all about Lester Davis and how he comes to use the self-defense gadget.

And then the terrorists came!

And Master Brusso was there!

Podcast with Bill Perkins

Note that the self defense weapon site is no longer active. The main site is pdws.biz

An interview with Master Brusso

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