Monthly Special Self Defense Gadgets

The Family Pack Special

Four Defender 1’s which would
cost you $59.80 all for only $41.88!

Family Pack Special of Defender 1’s

Self Defense tools Family Pack

Self Defense gadget Family Pack

More about the Family pack special

When it comes to the safety of your family, I know that I (master Brusso) always took that very seriously. For those that know me I have one older daughter Jennifer and a set of twin daughters; Megan and Paige.

I started their self defense training at the age of 2 1/2, and continued most of their life. All the girls can really take care of themselves and the twins are also defender instructors. 

As well as my own family I have taught all of my martial arts family about the defenders, who many carry every day, but they also taught their family how to use this fantastic self defense tool. There are many defender stories you should check out too. 

If you wonder where these tools can go… they have traveled the world without any issues what so ever. They have even gone into the Vatican right trough security. What other self defense tool can do that?

Also consider how inexpensive they are it’s a no-brainer to get these tools, give them to your family or friends and even spread them around the house so you always have one nearby. Even put them in your cars so you are never without one. 

If one of the tools ever gets confiscated or some official wants to take it away… let them. I will replace them for free so just don’t fight any official that doesn’t like it. What do you say it is? It’s a chef cooking tool!

Check this out and I warn you not to be drinking anything when you few this website. The strange thing is they do in fact help in the kitchen, hunting, fishing and many other activities. 

Monthly Special: Family Pack!

The Defender 1 self defense tool is such a great self defense too that we wanted to offer a very special “family pack” offer.

This will allow you to give one to each member of a family of four or spread them around to your extended family: Grandfathers, Grandmothers, children in college, aunts and uncles too. 

The family four pack! Yes, you get 4 Defender 1’s which would cost you $59.80 is now only $41.88 plus priority shipping. It’s very easy to use and comes with free online training. Take a look at this short demo and imagine who you might give it to such that you might increase their safety! 

Here is the online training so you can see how easy it is to use this tool. You don’t have to do all that I do in the online training; so you can pick the techniques that you really like and learn them!

More on the Family Pack Special

  • What is the cost savings?

    Normally 4 of the defender 1’s would cost you $39.80 but with this special you get all four for the low cost of only $27.86!

  • Are they easy to use?

    Yes… it also comes with free unlimited online training that you can send to your family members [internet access required] so they can train at their own convenience. 

Buy yours today all for $41.88!

Check out this package deal!

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