Fun Videos

This section is a whole lot of fun and informational videos for your enjoyment. I will be adding things here from time to time so check back to see what is new!

Again, some are fun and others will be very educational. Go over to our podcast page to see interviews and more.

The Ultimate Defender Fan!

This is a great defender fan! Now I do have to admit
he took his role a bit far but it is funny to see this fan
talk about the defender as a gangsta! We would never
suggest the tool be used for anything other than
self defense but it fits his act for sure! Enjoy

Defender Fan

Defender Fan

Press Release

Self Defense with a beer can!

Ron Lester of Varsity Blues, the movie is visiting me from Hollywood and
learns about self defense with a beer can! Much of which comes from the
knowledge of the defenders!

Talk in front of 700 engineers!

This is part of a talk I gave at Raytheon Defense...
in front of 700 engineers. I kept them going and
it was fun to see how they responded to the talk!

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