Instructor Willie Robinson (NC USA)

Instructor Willie Robinson (NC USA)

Contact Info

Willie Robinson
4230 Garrett Road apartment J 8
Durham North Carolina 27707
Ph. 206) 600 -1083
email at:

Willie Robinson was born in Edison N. J. in 1972 and his fight was with C. P. . He is able to overcome C. P. through his martial arts training. Master Robinson has over twenty five years in teaching martial arts. He his Black belts in Ninjutsu, Dimmak kung fu, krav maga. He is a Certified Defender Instructor and a Women’s Safe Agent, He is in The Action Martial Arts Hall Of Fame 3 times

He has also dedicated his life to teaching Women and the physically and mentally disable Self -Defense.

Location Durham North Carolina
Master Willie Robinson
(732) 221-4907

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