Instructor William Perkins (KS USA)

Instructor William Perkins (KS USA)

Contact Info

William Perkins Sensei…
Location: Olathe Kansas


I began training in Ki Aikido with Dr. Andrew Tsubaki Sensei in 1995 and continued to be Tsubaki Sensei’s direct student until his passing in 2009. I earned a Sandan(3rd degree black belt) in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, and a Shoden in Ki Development, while under the direction of Tsubaki Sensei.

I am now under the direction Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, Chief Instructor for Ki Society USA. He currently acts in an advisory role between Ki Society International Headquarters in Japan and other USA Chief Instructors.

List of current certifications

Certified Defensive Tactics For EMS and Fire and E.V.E. 4 EMS/Fire Instructor 2010.
Nationally, Certified Trainer for R.A.D. (rape, aggression, defense) since 2007.
Mindfulness Mediation Therapist Level 1 Certification 2009
Victim Offender Mediation since 2003
Crisis intervention and response trainer 2001
Peaceful intervention Trainer, since 1998.


Defensive Tactics, Self Defense, crisis intervention, Victim Offender Mediation.
Mindfulness Meditation, Life skills coaching.

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