Instructor Ryan Veltman (NC USA)

Instructor Ryan Veltman (NC USA)

Contact Info

Ryan Veltman

Morrisville, NC 27560


Lead Instructor:

Ryan Veltman, like many qualified self defense instructors, started his training in Martial Arts as a young boy. His knowledge of the arts includes; Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Gi/No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kali/Arnis/Escrima, Wing Chung, and Jeet Kune Do.

Mixed into his years with various Martial Arts training he has spent time in the U.S. Army (Special Operations) and has gained a wealth of knowledge working along side the best.

Ryan’s love of training gave him the drive to take it upon himself to become the most effective instructor he could be. His brief experience in MMA and cage fighting, ended up changing his perspectives on Martial Arts and Combatives.

Ryan sought out more forms of training, so he trained in U.R.B.A.N MCP (Ultimate Reality Based Attack and Neutralization, Military Combatives Program), and did a self training with courses from Sammy Franco, Richard Grannon, Peter Brusso and the like. From the self training brought him an interest in the psychology behind fighting, prevention of fights, and physical/metal self-protection. He took up studies in human nature, spending his free time reading books such as “Whoever Fights Monsters”, “The Gift of Fear”, and “Meditations on Violence”.

Ryan is a certified Personal Trainer whom is loved and appreciated by his clients. He has run a series of fitness boot camps including “Raleigh Trainer Fitness Boot Camp” and “Victory Fitness Consulting”. When asked about what made him want to be a trainer/instructor he simply stated “I’ve always wanted to be a trainer. I want to help others. Everything I’ve done to better myself and improve my skills was also done in hopes of finding solutions to more effectively help people.”

All of this history is what Ryan brings to his Masterless Reality Based Self Protection (RBSP) and Raleigh Defender Self-Protection courses. He hopes to use these courses to give people the ability to change and save their own life.

What to expect within the course:

To be treated as a master, as we are all masters of our own lives

To be trained to defend yourself in a variety of locations and situations with different clothing as to maintain a realistic mindset

To be pushed and tested so that you can feel and learn what a real “fight” can be like. (Expect adrenal drops, restricted limbs, sensory deprivation, and tunnel vision)

To be shown and introduced to other instructors ideas are not solely that of Masterless RBSP

To be shown the Difference between “Sport” and “Combat” when it comes to techniques.

To learn easy, bio-mechanical techniques that work when you’re not thinking and adrenalin is pumping.

To be trained in a unique and custom system for you to deal with violence. This is your system that you are developing. The instructors are just guides.

To be taught all ranges of combat. Intent, thought, action presence, avoidance, verbal, pre-contact, escalation, contact (kicking, punching, grappling, clinch, ground), escape, shelter, calling for help, first aid, witnesses, police debrief, self debrief, and stages of grief.

And lastly, to be taught from an experienced and sincere instructor who is willing to take questions and critiques while being completely open and honest about what he does and does not know.

What you will leave with:

The ability to question a given situation properly and constructively.

The confidence in your own competence of implementing this instruction in the event it may be needed.

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