Instructor Reginald Berringer (Nova Scotia CANADA)

Instructor Reginald Berringer (Nova Scotia CANADA)

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Police Inspector Reginald Dane Berringer BA MEd CD (ret’d)

Location: Nova Scotia CANADA

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Dane Berringer is a retired police defense tactics and use of force instructor from the Atlantic Police Academy in Prince Edward Island. He received his self defense instructor training and use of force certifications from various agencies in Canada and the United States including: Smith and Wesson Academy, PPCT Management Systems, FATS, Caliber Press Street Survival, Def Tec , The Canadian Department of National Defense, The Canadian Federal Department of Justice, The Canadian Police College , The Atlantic Police Academy and various martial arts schools.

Dane holds black belts in Hapkido (1st degree) and Taiho-Jutsu (2nd degree) as well as colored belts in Tae kwon do, Judo and Aikido. He was the first Canadian police officer certified in the United States as an Instructor Trainer in the Pressure Point Control Tactics Management System (PPCT) developed by Bruce Siddle. He went on to hold instructor trainer certifications in: Baton, Spontaneous Knife Defense, Police Defense Tactics, Pressure Point Control Tactics and SHARP (sexual harassment and rape prevention) and instructor certifications in the Persuader and Spontaneous Knife Defense (PPCT). While working thirty years in policing and as a police instructor in both civilian policing and in the military police (32 Service Battalion Reserves) he managed to complete his undergraduate degree in Psychology (Mount Allison NB) and his Masters Degree in Adult Education (UPEI).

He now sits on the Police Advisory Board for his provincial county and works as a consultant in adult education and as a personal and workplace safety expert. Once a year he teaches as an associate professor at the University of Prince Edward Island in the “Certificate of Adult Education Program” where he teaches Mentoring Adult Learners and Legal Aspects of Education and Training.

“ I see the Defender as a very useful and versatile self protection tool and I plan to introduce it into the new courses I will be offering this summer through my company HelpingU, as part of our “HelpingU-Stay Safe” programs for civilians and our new hands on “R.I.S.C Management” courses for police and corrections. In the times we live in, we face danger not only from those who attack us, but sometimes from those who criticize us for doing so in a manner they do not approve of. As a use of force instructor of many years, I like the defender, because it is effective for us, but to the untrained or critical eye, it is a plastic flat hammer.” Ooopps did I hurt you with that ? While you were attacking me ? Sorry…. (not)

Stay Safe……
Reginald Dane Berringer BA MEd CD

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