Instructor Raymond Schiller (JAPAN)

Instructor Raymond Schiller (JAPAN)

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Meet Raymond Schiller, Head Instructor in Tokyo Japan!

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My experience in the Martial Arts includes active training in the B.J.C. Zen-Do-Kai martial Arts Systems in Australia from 1986-1995, where I achieved the rank of 2nd Dan.

This period included 1 year teaching a Thursday night Zen-Do-Kai freestyle martial Arts class, teaching 1 and half hour classes for Beginners though to Black belts, as part of my preparation for my 2nd Dan grading.

I have helped teach a certificate course in preliminary Knife Fighting Strategies with my senior partner in Elizabeth, South Australia.

This period also included various Traditional weapon and Freestyle Martial Art seminars and Self Defense and Weapons Demonstrations between bouts at various Kick-boxing events.
I also participated in and completed a Level 1 Olympic Wrestling Coaching accreditation course.

I have also completed a First Aid course (so we can patch you up if needed!).

*4 week certificate course, suitable for beginners and experienced Martial Artists. (Follow up courses available upon request).

*Learn the use of the Defender 1 Self Defense Tool in combination with proven self defense techniques and concepts of Environmental Defense Awareness in a fun and informative atmosphere.

*Train to your own level of intensity with a friend or partner. Class sizes are limited to 10 to allow close instruction and attention to detail. These are not traditional Martial Arts classes that require dedication and years of practice. Learn simple and effective techniques and concepts that could save your life, and keep your family and friends safe.

Those wishing to learn these tools in Tokyo and would like to make a booking or get further details Contact Ray Schiller at:

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