Instructor Phylip De La Maziere (UK)

Instructor Phylip De La Maziere (UK)

Contact Info

Phylip De La Maziere
Location: Kidderminster, UK
Cell 07800-861960
email at:

Phylip was born in Liverpool England in 1953 leaving school in 1969 he became a Professional Wrestler and was known as “The Dark Angel” he was unmasked in his home town in 1975 by “The Kung Fu Fighter”. Phylip also did Karate and Judo for many years. Phylip traveled, lived and worked in mainland Europe eventually setteling in Germany, he returned to the UK and qualified in Clinical Hypnosis specialising in Past Life Regretion, he also helped found The European Institute of Forensic Hypnosis. In addition Phylip also teaches Body Language, Mind Controle and Past Life Regretion. Phylip is also a qualified Graphologist and he converted to Hinduism in 2006 and has recently become a Hindu Rishi. His interest in Self Defence has now gone on to include the Hanbo and Defender both taught to him by Master Brusso.

Phylip lives in Kidderminster and it is from this base that people living in the West Midlands can learn the Defender system, Phylip can be contacted on 07800-861960

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