Instructor Phillip Martin (MS USA)

Instructor Phillip Martin (MS USA)

Contact Info

Phillip Martin
814 David street
New Albany, MS. 38652


Twitter: teachu2fight


I started martial arts at the age of 18. because I felt the need to better protect myself, being a “disabled” individual. I hold black belts in Hapkido (5th), Escrima (2nd), and BJJ (1st).
I also hold ranks in Kali, Judo, and Aikido. I Have also studied Muay Thai and Wrestling.

In 2009, I founded American Combative Martial Arts, a combat oriented fighting system focusing on Joint locks, trapping, opponent control and ending a conflict as quickly as possible. The weapons taught in American Combative Martial Arts consist of Stick, Knife, Karambit, Machete, Cane, Jo, Katana, Tomahawk, Kubatan, and now the Defender.