Contact Information:
Lisa A. Dessenberger
Gilbert, AZ 85233
(480) 201‐1487 (cell)

Lisa Dessenberger is from Gilbert, AZ, and became a Certified Defender Instructor in February 2022. She has a fervent passion for, and specializes in, helping and teaching women and girls of all ages to protect themselves, using the very effective line of Defender tools.

All across the country, violence is increasing. In 2020, the pandemic affected our lives in nearly every way, everywhere, as countries went into lockdown and restricted movement. As doors closed and isolation began, reports of all forms of violence increased. Theft, car‐jacking, home‐invasions, rape, and mugging cases are soaring. Regardless of where you live – in a city or small‐town – if you drop your guard, the chances are high; someone will be waiting to take advantage of you. Don’t be a victim!

NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO HARM YOU! Men who physically assault women will use their size, strength, and terror tactics to subdue a woman. You can’t always count on someone else to rescue you. In any dangerous situation, the goal of fighting back is to escape. Lisa trains and empowers women to be their own best protectors.

You don’t have to be thin, athletic, or a highly‐trained ninja to learn and know how to defend yourself. Lisa will teach you how to use the Defender tools to protect yourself effectively, while reinforcing the importance of self‐awareness and confidence. If there was ever a time to learn how to use and carry a Defender self‐defense tool, the time is now! Contact Lisa Dessenberger and schedule an individual or group class.

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