Instructor Jon Jenkins (TN USA)

Instructor Jon Jenkins (TN USA)

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Jon Jenkins

Ph. 901-867-0920 or 901-687-8342

Location: Jon Jenkins
120 Shirley Drive
Arlington, TN 38002
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I started my martial arts training in 1963, under Sensei R. Scott. He called our art “Combat Judo” meaning he had removed the more complicated throws and locks and focused on what he had found most useful. This attitude became strongly ingrained in me as I added a form of Lohan Kung Fu to the style we practiced. Over the years I have studied in various schools from mixed martial arts to Tai Chi. Always holding the the attitude Sensei Scott inspired in me, looking for what works and discarding what does not.

Over the years career wise I have been in sales, carpentry, and over the last 15 years realized my childhood goal of being Santa Claus. In my own photography business anyway. I have also busied myself assisting young people through mentoring programs and the boy scouts as an assistant scoutmaster. During the off season I still teach music theory, harmonica, and of course self defense.

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