Instructor Gary Eubanks (OK USA)

Instructor Gary Eubanks (OK USA)

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Gary Eubanks
Cleveland, OK
Contact Number: 918-691-0054

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Gary Eubanks is a certified instructor with the COBRA Self Defense System as as well as Certified Level II Professional Instructor with The Self Defense Company. He was personally certified by SDC Founder and Master Instructor Damian Ross. He has been teaching The Self Defense Training System Since early 2012 and just received his teaching certification for COBRA in early 2014.

He was exposed to hand-to-hand combat training while spending time at Camp LeJeune working with Marines on a special project in the early 90’s. Since that time he has been a student of military combatives which led him to the Self Defense Training System and subsequently COBRA.

Gary is not a martial artist. He has always had the utmost respect for those that work in the field of the martial arts, he simply had to learn pure survival skills by working in the most dangerous countries in the world for over a decade.

He has the experience of working as an individual operator in places such as Nigeria, Pakistan, Guyana, Columbia, and over twenty five other dangerous countries. He has survived and prevailed in numerous violent encounters around the world from fights and attempted muggings to attempted shootings and an attempted kidnapping. In his international travels, he has accrued over two million air miles and lost count of the number of nights spent in various countries around the world. He has subsequently been asked time and time again to get teaching certifications for self defense and couple that with the many years of international travel experience.

He is very passionate about teaching gross motor skill self defense combatives and also enjoys helping people learn non-confrontational approaches to self defense. He not only knows and understands the psychology of violent encounters, but has the global experience to teach others how to survive using the COBRA and the Self Defense Training System. Many people in his home state of Oklahoma falsely believe that simply having a concealed carry license is some kind of magic end-all for self defense. Gary desires to teach his students the valuable life saving capabilities of the “Defender” to be used in non-lethal situations.

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