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Contact info: Eric Mobley
Gulfport Mississippi

I began training at the age of 13, and it’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years from the first time I stepped foot in a Dojo. The Martial Arts have been a lifelong pursuit for me; One that I hold dear. I have Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Iaido, Flowing Circles Kung Fu and Okinawan Kara-Te. I have also studied over 15 other styles including extensive studies of Southern Chinese pressure point systems.

My passion however, is weaponry especially the sword. I have trained to some degree in nearly every major weapons system on the planet including advanced studies of most Asian weapons, and am always seeking out new techniques and styles with childlike exuberance (aka , I’m not an egomaniac about it. I just love doing it.) My focus is on general principles that can be applied to any weapon in any situation (applied weapon heiho). I offer lessons in self defense, weapons and meditation on a semi private and private basis, and am available to travel anywhere along the gulf coasts of MS, LA, Al and FL.

Without endorsement or purpose of advertising blurb, I find the Defender series to be one of the most effective self defense tools on the market today. With even the shortest amount of training, the level of non-lethal pain compliance that can be brought to hostile close encounters is truly formidable and awe inspiring. This thing hurts. The best feature is that all of this is possible without the likelihood of self harm that comes with most weapons on compliance tools. I carry mine everywhere.

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