Instructor Dr. Dale Tunnell (AZ USA)

Contact Info:
Dale Tunnell, PhD
P.O. Box 5833
Sun City West, AZ 85376
Phone: (406) 360-9950

Dr. Dale Tunnell is one of those old guys who has survived war and peace and he believes in the adage that “Old age and treachery can overcome youth and skill.” From special operations in the jungles of Viet Nam through forty years in law enforcement, he has always preferred training as a pathway to advance one’s skills, not bragging rights. He is not a martial arts expert, however, the self-defense training he received throughout his military and law enforcement career has sustained him in dramatic circumstances when clear thinking and spontaneous reaction was crucial.

Dale attained his doctoral degree in psychology. He is a leading international authority in Forensic Voice Pathology and supporting technology, an author, keynote speaker, and subject matter expert in the examination of conversational psychology and emotion demonstrating hostility. The important point here is that human beings are built with internal detectors designed to sense aggression and this capability can be refined through training. He provides Defender Training to a wide array of clients including men, women, young adults, and those who may or may not have been a victim at one time in their lives. He is a strong advocate of the Defender and believes that with minimal training anyone can avoid being a victim.

Dale is a resident of Sun City West, Arizona.
De Oppresso Liber

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