Instructor Curtis Bradley (CO USA)

img0109Curtis Bradley is a semi retired clergyman who has over 45 years of experience teaching the martial arts.

Curtis started his studies at age 15 when he joined a Judo Dojo and began actively competing in tournaments in the California region. During a tour of duty in the Marine Corps, he continued his studies of various martial arts while still participating in Judo tournaments. When his tour was over he began an in depth study of Kenpo Karate which has been his primary area of study for over 40 years.

Over the years, Curtis has taught law enforcement officers, code enforcement officers, senior citizens and men and women of all ages. Currently his focus is on teaching senior’s self defense techniques and tactics appropriate for their age and physical condition. He currently lives and teaches in the Thornton Colorado area.

In addition to teaching classes on the use of the Defender, he also offers classes on the use of the cane, staff and combat knife.


Curtis is a 7th Dan (black belt) in Kenpo and also holds Dan ratings in several other martial arts.

He lives in the Thornton Colorado area.

Contact Information:

Phone: 720-364-9575

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