Instructor Cliff Turner (Edmonton, Canada)

Instructor Cliff Turner (Edmonton, Canada)

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Cliff Turner
Location: Edmonton, Canada


Cliff Turner is the founder of Natural Reaction Self Defense.

Natural Reaction Self Defense is dedicated to teaching a simple system of defending yourself in the face of an attack. Simply put, the goal is to to take your instinctual reactions and fine tune them into effective counter attacks. Based on the same principles of Jeet Kune Do, we search for the simplest and most effective movements for each individual.

Combining the Defender with an analysis of your instinctual reactions will give you the ability to defend yourself without having to rely on memorized patterns of movement that may escape your mind in a panic situation. When an attack happens, you will be confident in allowing your instincts to take over with the help of the Defender tool.

* We take what your body naturally wants to do when you are attacked and teach you how to work with that to overcome your attacker.

* We provide you with a tool that works perfectly with this kind of defense theory.

* Most importantly, we teach you how to tune into your instincts and environment in order to prevent being attacked in the first place.

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