Instructor Alex McMahon (UK)

Instructor Alex McMahon (UK)

Contact Info

Alex McMahon
45 Chatsworth Road, Kilburn
London NW2 4BL United Kingdom
Contact phone no + 44 (0) 7733 762953

Bio of Alex McMahon London United Kingdom

22 years Military Service in the British Army served all over the world I served mainly in a Specialist Company within the Battalion.

I now work in the UK Security industry and I am working on my Security Trainers Certification, I hold the Door Supervisors License and am about to do the CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) Course

Martial Arts Background

Started off in Boxing & Judo at High School in (Glasgow Scotland) when I was 14 Boxed for the school and was on the school Judo team for 3 years. Dabbled on and off in Aikido, Shotokan Karate, Reality Self Defense. Now an Instructor for the Self Defense Federation UK Where I hold the following Certifications

3rd dan black belt in Goshen Jitsu
2nd dan black belt in Modern Street Combat
1st dan black belt in Combat Ju Jitsu
1st dan black belt in SDF Self Defence
Black Belt 1st Dan
Master Self Defense Instructor & Assessor
Children’s Self Defense Instructor
Street Weapons Self Defense Instructor
Adverse Situations & Multiple Attackers Self Defense Instructor
Basic & Advanced Ladies Self Defense Instructor
Self Defense Instructor

Other Certifications

Defender Instructor
Defensive Tactics & Close Quarter Battle Instructor
Talon Instructor
Kubotan Instructor
MEB Instructor
Certified Rape Prevention Instructor
Control and Restraint Instructor
Control and Compliance Holds Instructor
Management of Aggressive Behavior Instructor
ISC Control Points Instructor
Defensive Folding Knife Instructor
Self Protection Strategies Instructor
Hostage Survival Instructor

I will travel anywhere in the world to Teach the Defender Course, please see my contact details above.


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