Digital Starter Kit

Self defense weapon defender 1 and online training

This is a great place to start your introduction to the Defender self defense tools. The online video shows you how to use the defender all the while you are waiting for the defender tool to get to you. This way you can be ready to use your defender when it arrives in the mail.

Unlimited online training and we mail you the defender 1 self defense tool! This is our basic product, or you might think of this as a starting product.

This product comes with UNLIMITED online training and we send you a defender 1 self defense tool. You can actually start training with the online video while your defender is in route to you!

The online video covers everything you need to know on how to use your defender. The only addition that one might want to purchase would be a lanyard. Great for home defense, women’s self defense, and it’s your best self defense!

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