Yes, we have them! From time to time I go through my stock and see what we have in the way of one of a kind defenders with some history. For example, I found one of my personal defenders I carried every day from 2004 to 2006, went to military bases, overseas with me, and was shown to many a celebrity.  So I’m going to put them out for a special purchase. Again, these are one of a kind or super limited runs. One was even invented by my Ninjutsu teach Master Ed Martin RIP. 

As some of these are literally one of, if you like it you must act quickly because it’s first come first serve. You will find a drop-down menu of the the current offerings. Some of the offers come with a certificate of authenticity which will be signed and email to you with your order. We hope you enjoy this really different world of the self-defense tools known as the Defenders!

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