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The Mental Warrior

The Mental Warrior


The mental warrior book is small but packed full of "how to". Did you ever wonder about how you knew someone was going to do something before they did it? Yes, it happens to all of us and it's no accident. This book can show you how to tap into others thoughts and actions.

I know it sounds nuts but we were born with it and no one shows us how to tap into this capability. But this book does! Money back guarantee too!

Check it out over in the store at This book shows you the how our minds are wired and the five types of learning styles so you can teach better plus understand how to "read minds". It's more about reading actions prior to them happening but you can experiment on your own with this new found capability. 

In many ways this ability has been cultivated by many countries in the form of "remote viewing". This was also the start of the first earth battalion (FEB) with Col Jim Channon. The FEB was started by Col Channon coming out of the Vietnam war. He noticed that some soldiers could "sense" the enemy or traps on patrol and others were clueless.  What made the difference between these two sets of soldiers? Well Col channon got permission to go look at alternative human realities. The collimation of this adventure lead to the creating of the FEB manual. Col Channon then went and briefed the Army on his manual and this was like an explosion in the ranks of the officer command structure.

Needless to say there has been lots of interest across the board on the various aspects of the FEB. In 2004 Jon Ronson from the BBC channel 4 came to visit Master Peter Brusso where he learned all about the self defense weapon plus much more. Later Ronson made a series of documentaries called "the crazy rulers of the world" where Master Peter Brusso is featured in the documentary. In his section Master Brusso shows how to inplace fear into an attacker and that was demonstrated on Jon Ronson himself! Master Brusso has always had the ability to sense his opponents; much like being on point and sensing danger. This book helps you get in touch with your own abilities to harness it for your survival. 

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