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  • Neck Parrot with Skateboard Tape Mine

    Increasing the holding of the self defense gadget

    I have been meaning to do this for a long time; and that is add sandpaper tape to the handles of the self defense tool. I have it on all my guns and some of my knives but not so on the defenders. So, I purchased a sheet and cut it up to try.

    I had two of the same model, the parrot, one with the tape and the other without. I then took them to a group meeting nearby and had each person hold each one as I pulled it out of their grip. Well, to no surprise the sandpaper defender didn’t budge. These were all older individuals too, so they didn’t have tons of grip strength in the first place. 

    So I’m offering the tape pieces as an add-on to your purchase or if you already have defenders you might want to purchase what you need to outfit your with this grip enhancing add-on. It becomes important if you should ever have to use your self defense tool for real… holding onto it when it’s wet is paramount to success.

    It’s funny that it has taken me all these years to do this and what a difference it really makes. In my self defense classes and with the military I always cover the use of this tape to enhance the grip of all kinds of weapons… well the cobbler’s kids have no shoes as they say. 
    Well not any longer! They all have shoes!!! So, I’m offering this as an add-on to your purchase or you can get your own tape locally I would presume. I ordered mine and then cut it up to fit for sale.  It is truly something you should consider as it really does improve the performance of the self defense weapon.

    Also, I will mention that you might want to also check out our new neck lanyard and side lanyard systems for the weapons. They are selling nicely, and everyone seems to be very happy with the added functionality. When you consider your personal self defense you shouldn’t hold anything back!


  • Neck Lanyard Only NEW v2 Tile for video

    Our new neck and side lanyards for the self defense gadgets

    Update to this post… we now have a new kydex holster that neck rig system that supersedes this post. Still good information but head over to and

    The New Self Defense Weapon neck lanyard!
    The New Self Defense tool neck lanyard!

    It was about time that I got a solution to our neck lanyard problem for the self defense tools. What was the problem? Well in the past we had a really nice elegant solution…that was a kydex holster that fit the digit capture hole in the defenders. Now only certain models had that feature .i.e., Defender 1, Defender 2, Owl, rabbit, Spec ops 2, RP defender, and the Ronsonator. The others were not usable on the neck lanyard.

    self defense weapon holsters
    Older holster designs

    The holster design was very nice and worked extremely well. However, the person that did them had to stop. He sent us his mold but I couldn’t find anyone who could make them! A bit of talent I presume. So I looked for years to find someone that could step up and make them. In trying we lost the mold so we just didn’t get anywhere with them.

    This year, I decided to start to look at what I could put together myself that would answer the mail. I came up with several designs, some good ones and others very bad. It’s called engineering and I am one… haha

    So, with lots of trials and failures; I centered on a design that I think works. However, I’m the first to say it isn’t very elegant! But it’s functional and now we can carry our defenders, once again, around our necks for quick deployment! Great for traveling in a car as it’s always handy and ready for service if you should need it. Also since I’m doing a lot of hiking these days I wanted one to travel with me into the desert where things are very unruly. There were even two people a few years back attacked by a pack of dogs out here and one died! So, I wanted a very aggressive tool to follow me on my hikes.

    Self defense weapon lanyarrd
    Me with my defender Neck Lanyard.


    As you can see this is one of the earlier models of neck lanyards I worked on. You can tell by the large split ring that runs through the digit capture hole. It was an act of Congress to get that split ring in place so I abandoned that approach but I did like the large split ring for other purposes. That is one of the things most

    self defense weapon lanyard in gold cord
    Standard lanyard in gold cord

    of us want which are things that have multiple purposes. I tend to hike in the late afternoon and hike heading West into the sun. Once the sun is down behind the mounts I take my sunglasses off and put them through the split ring! I like this multipurpose use so I included it into the final neck design.

    One of the things I needed to do was to find a new quick disconnect as the standard one we have doesn’t integrate with a neck 550 cord approach. When I first looked at how to carry a defender back in 2004 I looked at the badge industry as they seemed to have lots of possible solutions. We still go with the standard lanyard today for many things.

    One feature I wanted from the new neck lanyard approach was to be able to carry any of our self defense gadgets. With the new design, we can accept any of the self defense tool via the small holes at the end of the handle. Couple this with the new side lanyard design you can use the new 550 cord quick disconnects to integrate a solution into the new neck lanyard design.

    Self defense weapon integration with the new neck lanyard.
    This is how the new neck lanyard integrates with the new side lanyard design!
    Self defense weapon shoulder holster look.
    The new neck lanyard can become a shoulder holster lanyard too!

    As you can see with the picture to the right, you can have your everyday carry using the new side lanyard and the 550 cord quick disconnect to be put on the new neck lanyard. This opens up the ability for us to carry ANY self defense tool on our neck lanyard. But wait there’s more! Haha, yes there is more as I make the new neck lanyards so you can expand the lanyard to work like a shoulder holster. That is, you slide it all the way out then put your arm into the neck lanyard then move it under your arm. It makes a very handy shoulder lanyard so it gives you even more options for concealed carry requirements.


    Yes we have made a new set lanyards. I have made a new side lanyard…


    And a new neck lanyard…

    Also consider taking a look at this post


  • hiking pic 2 600 pix

    Hiking with a defender

    Let's go hiking!

    • Self Defense weapon for hiking

      Self Defense weapon for hiking

      This is an earlier clip rig and now we have our new Kydex holsters for our self defense weapons.
    • Clip version of a self defense weapon for hiking.

      Clip version of a self defense weapon for hiking.

      and now we have our new Kydex holsters for our self defense weapons.
    • Neck cord as a shoulder holsther for your self defense weapon.

      Neck cord as a shoulder holsther for your self defense weapon.

      A great way to carry your defender self defense weapon on the side!
    • Clip version with neck cord.

      Clip version with neck cord.

    Hiking with a defender

    Self Defense Weapon on a neck holder for hiking.

    When to carry a more aggressive self defense tools is a question we get a lot. Well, one thing to ask yourself is if you call for help, how long is it going to take to get to you? This is the basis of a more aggressive tool and to have it at the ready.

    The idea is that when you are out where even if you call for help you won’t get it for well over 10 minutes then it’s time to really defend yourself. If you have to defend yourself at a time like this, you want to do as much damage to the attacker as possible; all in the shortest length of time too.

    A more aggressive self defense tool is a must for you; in these types of situations. I like to carry the defender 2 with me on a neck holder cord as seen in the picture to your left. This particular holder is a kydex design that captures the “hole” in the defender and holds it in place until you “tug” on the weapon to deploy. Well this particular design isn’t available anymore, but I have a “binder clip” version that I have tested out and found it more than works!

    Neck cord with binder clip that will hold any self defense weapon.

    You can use the binder clip approach to make a lanyard that will fit on your pants, shorts, as well as; many other places. I will have a blog post just for this later. But the neck cord design has two knots that slip in one direction but not in the other. So, when you pull on the self defense tools for deployment the neck cord “binds” so the knots don’t slip, and you can deploy without any issues. However, this design also allows you to slide the knots together to make the cord longer and thus you can wear it like a shoulder holster.

    Neck cord extended out to make a shoulder holster for your self defense tool.

    This is a great option to take your defender with you where ever you go. I will have instructions and or purchase info on the website shortly. Enjoy!

  • Crazy rulers of the world pic

    Crazy Rulers of the World and the Defenders

    Jon Ronson of the BBC Channel 4

    In 2004, I was contacted by a person who was the assistant to Jon Ronson, BBC channel 4 in the UK. He had many bizarre questions for me like: can you set someone on fire by touching them? Can you kill a goat by staring at it? Can you freeze someone by touching them? All bizarre if you think about it however they had a reason.


    They had been looking into the First Earth Battalion [FEB] which in turn was really developed by Col. Jim Channon (died Sept 10, 2017). When Col Channon was in Vietnam and also out on patrols he discovered that some folks on point could feel danger and others could not. Therefore, he went on a quest to try to understand what that was, isolate those attributes if achievable and come up with a way of training individuals to possess those extremely important, life-saving qualities.


    Clooney with a self defense weapon in the movie “the men who stare at goats”.

    This began a movement in the US Army and Col Channon wrote the FEB manual; which went viral in the military. Throughout my time with the FEB and my distinct look at things the FEB soldier was to be something truly different than what we observe today. I invented the defender self-defense weapon much in the spirit of the FEB as a non-lethal method to one’s self defense. This landed me in the middle of the research for the crazy rulers of the world and ultimately in the “men who stare at goats” movie where George Clooney’s character is based largely off me (Peter Brusso).


    The self-defense weapon wound up in the goat’s motion picture as you can see on the left … in the hands of George Clooney. This rendition of the defender came straight out of the Crazy Rulers of the world Part 1 interview with me. I demonstrated to Jon Ronson the power of the defender self-defense tool, then called a “predator” how powerful it was. I likewise moved him over into the Amtrak Marine Corp museum to show him a few ways of dealing with an opponent with little or no effort at all. This was a partial response to the “can you set somebody on fire by touching them” questions. In Ninjutsu we learn a whole lot of pressure points and one area of the body, when struck properly, can easily make you seem like you are on fire and, so I did this to him. Have a great time and watch the whole video below …


    Master Peter Brusso



  • Unlimited defender online video training copy

    Now FREE online self defense tool training

    Self Defense WeaponSelf Defense tool Training FREE!

    Self defense tool training is now  FREE self defence training so you can see what the Self Defense tool can do for you and your family! Many people think they know how to use this great new tool but if you watch the video first you can see exactly how to use or integrate the tool into your self defense. 

    It’s always a good thing to see what you are purchasing and how to use it. Now it’s free to view so you can see how to use the self defense tool. These tools are revolutionary in their invention and how they seamlessly can be used with whatever self defense technology you already know.

    You can get the free unlimited online training at: Click here

    This training for the self defense tool covers almost all the current models. They all work much the same only some are more aggressive by nature. Where we invented models after the filming of the training videos, I put a small video clip on the information page of that model to show you how it works. So now there is very little reason to not watch the training, make sure this is exactly what you wanted to purchase, then purchase the self defense tool all the while you can train while it’s in the mail to you!

     When it comes to your safety or the safety of your loved ones nothing approaches the capability of the self defense tool. Listen, even if you have to use it you can be seen that this is your last choice in your own self defense. This fact is huge when you think of having to defend yourself in a court of law. Unlike a gun or knife which can have disastrous effects on your opponent, you can show that it was them who attacked you. Then had to decide to hurt you and then personally move into your space to do so. Thus, it’s self defense and not accidental like shooting at someone then hitting an innocent person. 

    Also unlike a knife or a gun, if the self defense tool gets taken away from you the attackers are very unlikely not going to know how to use it against you! This mire fact is amazing in its own right as no other tool has this feature (or at least modern day weapons). 

You will find many great stories, facts, and even terrorist (story) blog posts on this page. We will highlight the self defense weapons, which one is right for you and other great stories. 

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