About the Defenders

Just stop and think for a moment…what is your life worth? You need to understand how to protect yourself from the bad guys!

Disabled Veteran Owned and operated

The Defenders were invented in the 2004 era… based off of my Ninjutsu teacher Master Ed Martin…

About the defenders

The Defenders were invented in 2004 and were inspired by Peter Brusso’s Ninja Teacher Master Ed Martin. Based first on pressure point attacks but also influenced by stick attacks to the body. The Defenders work extremely well against pressure points and bones in the body. They are simple to use but extremely effective to stop attacks to your person. As for active self protection these tools or gadgets are second to none!

Self defense weapons can come in many forms, but this is a gadget that you can only use when the attacker is right on top of you. They are not “reach out” and touch someone but rather only comes into play when you are being attacked.

The defender gadgets come in various designs because they get more aggressive as the design line developed. First, we were just concerned about being non-lethal but later it was obvious that we might have to cause more damage to stop an attack. Some people just do not take NO for an answer. These gadgets can help you raise your voice till they hear it! Active self protection can also really raise your voice!!

Think about it; if you have a daughter at college and someone comes to rape her in the middle of the night, do you want your daughter to be nice to them or stop them cold in their tracks? The answer should be obvious that we need to cause lots of damage very quickly.

A defender (self defense gadget) has some extreme benefits for your self defense. There are several models to choose from so you might want to head over to “which one is best for me” page.

First, they cause as much damage as you want and the pain from these tools is just wild. It does not look like much, but boy, they really cause lots of pain to your attacker: thus, stopping the attack. They can be carried almost anywhere you go.

Easy to put into your pocket and quick to deploy. Another great benefit is that the attackers do not know what it is. If it is taken away from you or dropped, unlike a knife or a gun it cannot be used against you. They simply do not know what it is! But you do and that is what counts here.

Please see the videos here on this webpage to view how well they work and how easy it is to use.

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to discover from the self defense tools:

* They are very effective!
* Simple to use!
* Quick to deploy!
* Legal in most areas of the world.
* Inexpensive to purchase.
* 100 % money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product.
* Made in the USA!
* Comes in various models for your self defense needs.

Here’s what people are saying about the defenders:

“Well Sir what can I say, I have taught martial arts, Jiujutsu, Japanese weapons, Escrima, self-defense and Kyusho for twenty years, and recently I retired from dojo teaching to just teach private students, and in all that time little have ever surprised me…. your tool has. I have been playing with your defender 1 for the last two days and frankly am gob smacked at its versatility it’s a kyusho/dim mak practitioners dream, utterly fantastic. Moves like a Karambit, combined with small circle locking on the thumb, combined Koppo on pressure points. Just fantastic….all the best to you sir.

Renshi Darren Carmichael”
I interact with some of the top executives in the world of business and train many of them in the art of Executive Self Defense. They travel the world with regularity and in an ever-changing dangerous environment must meet the new challengers of today. I recommend the Defender as the first line of defense. It is easy to carry; it does not look like something life threatening (even though it is) and it is easy to use. The best part is you have so many styles to choose from it allows you to custom one to your own personality and skill set. The fact you have the Defender along with easy to use instruction makes this a must have as you can control the delivery of punishment you determine necessary. As a Martial Artist I carry many tools but rely on the Defender as my first line of defense.

Larry B. Ahlquist
Los Angeles
Affordable I said… the defenders range from only $14.95 up to $21.95 only!

Your other choices for active self protection could be pepper spray at $16.95 and up, a handgun at $400 up, or even a flexible baton at $29.95. Pepper spray can’t go on an airplane, in most states’ guns are illegal to conceal carry without permits, and the flexible baton is illegal in most states in the USA.

But the reason I invented the defender is to help people who desperately want to be safer in a violent situation, but just can’t afford those outrageously expensive options like a handgun.

So, let’s just make this a no-brainer decision for you Okay?

The defenders (self defense tool) are so inexpensive that it just makes sense to get started today and make your family safer with a starter kit. You get a defender 1 and the simple how to use training “streaming video from YouTube”.

You can train for your defender by watching the streaming video (unlimited views)…all the while your defender is in the mail to you. You will be all spun up by the time the defender 1 gets to you. The starter kit is only $29.95! But what is important right now is you take the first step to being more capable to defending you and your family!

So don’t delay any more click the BUY now button! Get on the road to active self protection today.

Again, if you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your money, yes 100% of your money! It is a no risk offer!

Remember: The bad guys have their tool…. do you? Do not wait any longer… The bad guys have not!!!!

This simple active self protection gadget can really save your life… it’s just that simple.

If you should ever have to defend yourself the defender will give you a fighting edge. You will not be defenseless or helpless again. I have even heard that some of my clients walk a bit taller and with more confidence. We all know that the bad guys do not like that and look for an easier victim.

Purchase now so you will not be a victim of violent crime. Practice active self protection and take a step toward a better tactical plan. We always say; when the bad guy comes a calling… give him the bad day. Order yours right now and get ready to feel more confident… less of a victim. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me to discuss the defenders. Otherwise, order now and be assured that it is a 100% money back guarantee! What are you waiting for?

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