Add a better grip to your Defender

I have meant to do this for a long time, which adds sandpaper tape to the self-defense tool’s handles. I have it on all my guns and some of my knives, but not so on the defenders. So, I purchased a sheet and cut it up to try.

I had two of the same model, the parrot, one with the tape and the other. I then took them to a group meeting nearby and had each person hold each one as I pulled it out of their grip. Well, to no surprise, the sandpaper defender didn’t budge. These were all older individuals too, so they didn’t have tons of grip strength in the first place. 

So I’m offering the tape pieces as an add-on to your purchase, or if you already have defenders, you might want to purchase what you need to outfit your self-defense weapons with this grip-enhancing add-on. It becomes essential if you should ever have to use your self defense tool for real… holding onto it when it’s wet is paramount to success.

It’s funny that it has taken me all these years to do this, and it’s a difference. In my self defense classes and with the military, I always cover the use of this tape to enhance the grip of all kinds of weapons… well, the cobbler’s kids have no shoes, as they say. 

Well, not any longer! They all have shoes!!! So, I’m offering this as an add-on to your purchase, or you can get your tape locally, I would presume. I ordered mine and then cut it up to fit for sale. It is truly something you should consider as it does improve the performance of the self defense weapon.

Also, I will mention that you might also want to check out our new neck lanyard and side lanyard systems for the weapons. They are selling nicely, and everyone seems to be very happy with the added functionality. When you consider your self defense, you shouldn’t hold anything back!

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