The Crazy Rulers of the World

Jon Ronson of the BBC Channel 4

In 2004, I was contacted by a person who was the assistant to Jon Ronson, BBC channel 4 in the UK. He had many bizarre questions for me, like: can you set someone on fire by touching them? Can you kill a goat by staring at it? Can you freeze someone by touching them? All bizarre if you think about it; however, they had a reason.

They had been looking into the First Earth Battalion [FEB], which in turn was developed by Col. Jim Channon (died Sept 10, 2017). When Col Channon was in Vietnam and also out on patrols, he discovered that some folks on point could feel danger and others could not. Therefore, he went on a quest to understand what that was, isolate those attributes if achievable, and develop a way of training individuals to possess those essential, life-saving qualities.

Clooney with a self defense weapon in the movie “the men who stare at goats”.

This began a movement in the US Army, and Col Channon wrote the FEB manual, which went viral in the military. Throughout my time with the FEB and my distinct look at things, the FEB soldier was genuinely different from what we observe today. I invented the defender self-defense weapon much in the spirit of the FEB as a non-lethal method to one’s self-defense. This landed me in the middle of the research for the world’s crazy rulers and ultimately in the “men who stare at goats” movie where George Clooney’s character is mainly based on me (Peter Brusso).

The self-defense weapon wound up in the goat’s motion picture, as you can see on the left … in the hands of George Clooney. This rendition of the defender came straight out of the Crazy Rulers of the world Part 1 interview with me. I demonstrated to Jon Ronson the power of the defender self-defense tool, then called a “predator” how powerful it was. I likewise moved him over into the Amtrak Marine Corp museum to show him a few ways of dealing with an opponent with little or no effort at all. This was a partial response to the “can you set somebody on fire by touching them” questions. In Ninjutsu, we learn many pressure points, and one area of the body, when struck properly, can easily make you seem like you are on fire and, so I did this to him. Have a great time, and watch the whole video below …

Master Peter Brusso

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