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Play Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next Podcast with Master John Enger This was a great but rather long video all about the defenders and how Master Enger has come to love them! Originally Master Enger was very skeptical about the self defense tools but after his training with them, well now is one

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Self Defense Videos https://youtu.be/6U5wPqebt0Ahttps://youtu.be/1TbE6jno8Q8https://youtu.be/VrVIj7W9M_Ehttps://youtu.be/8a8l-6nh7Ychttps://youtu.be/BQhLeroQ88Ahttps://youtu.be/6QzwPaAAShYhttps://youtu.be/IUU5ZRf_9K4https://youtu.be/FNkcMUoklnUhttps://youtu.be/6jGBu2BMkLQhttps://youtu.be/ErCjnUIMfZUhttps://youtu.be/GGQBJf0THdchttps://youtu.be/4OFQCl7WsR4https://youtu.be/w6YC2jSkFcQhttps://youtu.be/lbDhjpgaivshttps://youtu.be/8LZ6Yo_pn5Qhttps://youtu.be/gJbHUqn5MM8https://youtu.be/TWhEE8nztLMhttps://youtu.be/BMb3iBkupe0https://youtu.be/F-NnL6VmuoQ


Offers This page shows our current special offers. When the offer is over, it will not be on this page! The Clamshell Special Offer The Wrist Lanyard Special Offer Travel Package Special anti Looting offer Hell No Package Give them HELL Mission Specific Packages Family Pack These tools are great for non lethal self defense

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More good stuff This page is centered around showing visitors all kinds of fun and great stuff. From podcasts, newsletters, and training!!! Make sure to take a look at the successful “defender stories”, our books, make sure to sign up for our newsletter, see where the defenders go all over the world, and you can

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All Defenders Page On this page we have put our self defense gadgets such that you can see all the options on one page. Below each section is a clickable menu that will take you to the product of your choice.  Solo Defenders These tools are just Amazing as you will see! Previous Next https://youtu.be/9_-uB3vjNow

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The Max Nail

Introducing the Max Nail After many months of testing, changing, optimizing we finally have the new Max Nail tool I have been working toward.  This last weekend (Oct 17th) we put the nail to the test.  We had my birthday party here with all my highly trained martial artists and law enforcement, what they said

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New Books! Previous Next Go to Amazon to order [click here] Learn to become a legendary sensei! This book will take you through all that you need to learn to become a legendary sensei. Learn the 28 attributes that you need to have or learn to become a legend. Legends are not born; they are

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Shop Page Aliquam ut odio tincidunt, fringilla elit a, egestas enim. Maecenas metus purus, eleifend ut felis eget, auctor ornare justo. Proin eros nisl, suscipit eget mollis sit amet, vulputate a nibh. [themify_button style=”xlarge rect flat green” ]Buy Now[/themify_button] Early Bird Aliquam ut odio tincidunt, fringilla elit a, egestas enim. Maecenas metus purus, eleifend ut felis

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