Women’s self defence

School is in session!

In this page I’m going to provide some great training, FREE to my visitors and clients. I am going to try to intermix current event topics with defender training, questions & answers, and product education. I hope you enjoy these videos and share them with your family! If you should have a topic for a

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Gen 1 Defenders

This is the main page for the sale of the first generation of self defense tools that we still have in stock. These tools are just as good as the day we made them and still do a great job in your self defense. Lower cost than the current tools due to several factors but

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Parrot Self Defense Tool

The Parrot is an Amazing Self Defense Tool Wow! This is an excellent self-defense tool known as the Parrot! The Parrot Defender is a very aggressive tool that can quickly stop your attacker(s). The addition of the new feature known as the “beak pieces” or simply a parrot beak. This is very new as it

Parrot Self Defense Tool
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Story Mark H

      Defender Stories Story Mark H Story Mike H Story Mark M “Outside my door stood…” Sensei Brusso, I remember you used to put stories up on your site. I wanted to share this with you personally, since you sent me a Defender and a Stealth free after hearing how mine of kept.

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Story Mike H

Defender Stories Story Mark H Story Mike H Story Mark M “Little does he know…” So there I am minding my own business at a local food store when I see my ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend standing across the aisle. She taps him on the shoulder, points to me, and giggles, it super pisses

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https://vimeo.com/648592447https://vimeo.com/648592570https://vimeo.com/648592490 You realize the psychological edge… Used the Defender on the JOB! Hi Master Brusso I just bought another Defender 1 from you and just wanted to let you how impressed I am with your products. I am a policeman and think your Defenders are the best last ditch/weapon retention tool. Do you or would

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Digital Starter Kit

This is a great place to start your introduction to the Defender self defense tools. The online video shows you how to use the defender all the while you are waiting for the defender tool to get to you. This way you can be ready to use your defender when it arrives in the mail.

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