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Defender Training

Defender Training This page is all about training YOU! You can get the defender training, the Max Nail training, lessons in the real world, and more online “self-defense videos”. Enjoy! Menu Items Below General Training Individual Tool Training Max Nail Which Defender is right for you? Video’s of Interest Defender Bites General Defender Training https://vimeo.com/648364179https://vimeo.com/648327893https://vimeo.com/642739387https://vimeo.com/651491425https://vimeo.com/725206391https://vimeo.com/725616439https://vimeo.com/725605035https://vimeo.com/725244446https://vimeo.com/725192433https://vimeo.com/726268895https://vimeo.com/725930316https://vimeo.com/726259881https://vimeo.com/726257775https://vimeo.com/726255718https://vimeo.com/724157512 […]

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Now FREE online self defense tool training

The Self Defense Tool FREE Online Training Self defense tool training is now  FREE self defense training, so you can see what the Self Defense tool can do for you and your family! Many people think they know how to use this great new tool, but if you watch the video first, you can see exactly

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