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Story Mike H

Defender Stories Story Mark H Story Mike H Story Mark M “Little does he know…” So there I am minding my own business at a local food store when I see my ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend standing across the aisle. She taps him on the shoulder, points to me, and giggles, it super pisses

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Defender Stories

Defender Stories Self Defense Tools Real Life Stories All these stories were sent to us and we have not edited them at all. They are raw just as we got them. If you have a defender story please send it to us… Defender Stories Story Mark H Story Mike H Story Mark M


Fun Videos This section is a whole lot of fun and informational videos for your enjoyment. I will be adding things here from time to time so check back to see what is new! Again, some are fun and others will be very educational. Go over to our podcast page to see interviews and more.

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Become a Certified Defender Instructor You can become a qualified self defense tool instructor, earn money, save on the price of equipment, and save lives all at the same time! We have a really good program that even a beginner can qualify and teach people how to save their lives! Look at it this way… if

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Owl Self Defense Tool

The Owl Defender… Very Aggressive The Owl is a very serious self-defense tool. It has a beveled edge for, well watch the video, and you will understand that part. Plus, a digit captured hole that captures the knuckle securely. It also has a section to break off fingers that grab you. In addition, if that wasn’t

Owl Self Defense Tool
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