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New Items

New Items This page will highlight the new items that we offering or in some cases working on. Just an announcement place or a “heads up” place to see what we are doing to push more quality products for our clients. New “wrist” Lanyard We watched many people carry our gadgets when running or even

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Offers This page shows our current special offers. When the offer is over, it will not be on this page! The Clamshell Special Offer The Wrist Lanyard Special Offer Travel Package Special anti Looting offer Hell No Package Give them HELL Mission Specific Packages Family Pack These tools are great for non lethal self defense

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Increasing the holding of the self defense gadget

Add a better grip to your Defender I have meant to do this for a long time, which adds sandpaper tape to the self-defense tool’s handles. I have it on all my guns and some of my knives, but not so on the defenders. So, I purchased a sheet and cut it up to try.

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Parrot Self Defense Tool

The Parrot is an Self Defense Tool   Wow… this is a great self defense tool known as the Parrot! The Parrot is a very aggressive tool that can stop your the attacker(s) very quickly. The addition of the new feature known as the “beak pieces” or simply a parrot beak. This is very new as

Parrot Self Defense Tool
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