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Defender 1 Self Defense Tool

The Defender 1 is simply Awesome The defender 1 self-defense tool is the most fully-featured tool in our lineup. I am also offering FREE unlimited online Self Defense tool training to see what you are purchasing; here is the link for that [Click Here]. This tool as a self-defense tool is unparalleled in history and can really save your

Defender 1 Self Defense Tool
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Self Defense Tools

The Defenders Defender 1 Self Defense Tool Defender 1 Defender 2 Self Defense Tool Defender 2 Guppy Self Defense Tool Guppy Owl Self Defense Tool Owl RP Self Defense Tool RP Defender Stealth Self Defense Tool Stealth Swan Self Defense Tool Defender Swan Self Defense Tool Ronsonator Do you feel confident enough to defend your

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You will find many great stories, facts, and even terrorist (story) blog posts on this page. We will highlight the self defense weapons, which one is right for you and other great stories. 


Do you feel safe these days? These Self Defense Tools are Amazing When the bad guys come a calling…give them the bad frightful horrible day. We have NO supply chain issues just so you know! Proudly made in the USA! This is an unscripted view of the Defenders! FREE Online Defender Training with unlimited

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