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In this page I’m going to provide some great training, FREE to my visitors and clients. I am going to try to intermix current event topics with defender training, questions & answers, and product education. I hope you enjoy these videos and share them with your family! If you should have a topic for a

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Sandpaper Tape Add-On

Enhanced Grip For many years I have been putting on sandpaper tape to my gadgets but just now got around to doing it on the self defense weapons. It really enhances the grip of the weapon and under real use things do or can get wet. Wet means it can become difficult to hold onto so

Sandpaper Tape Add-On
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These Self Defense Tools Are Legal | Safe | Non-lethal | Travels Well Get yours today and be safe! Click Here These Solo Tools are just plain for your self defense! The Defender 1 everyday carry. The Defender 2 [aggressive] The Swan [extremely aggressive] The Ronsonator [very aggressive] The Stealth [aggressive] The RP Defender [aggressive]

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