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Owl Self Defense Tool

The Owl Defender… Very Aggressive The Owl is a very serious self-defense tool. It has a beveled edge for, well watch the video, and you will understand that part. Plus, a digit captured hole that captures the knuckle securely. It also has a section to break off fingers that grab you. In addition, if that wasn’t […]

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Online Video Training “self defense videos”

We have a whole series of online video training over on For defender individuals I would suggest the following videos: 1.) Free Online Defender Training 2) Simple Weapons Disarms 3) The Be Real Series These are all money back guarantee so what do you have to risk? Nothing that’s what. They will improve your

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Online Self Defense Tools Training

Defender FREE Online Training Get instant access to our unlimited views online self defense gadget training streamed from YouTube. This means you can start learning all about the defender before you ever get the tools! What is self defense? It is the ability to defend you from aggression. This can be both armed and unarmed. This video will

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Stealth Self Defense Tool

The Stealth is Aggressive it has saved hundreds! One of the significant improvements in the stealth is the offset tail on the pummel.  When you place the offset tail between fingers and twist, it’s excruciatingly painful.  The stealth also looks like “an ice-scraper.”  It could pass off as a simple tool in your automobile, yet

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