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Spec Ops 2 Self Defense Tool

The Spec Ops 2 is just Amazing The spec ops 2 is a very aggressive and low-profile in-the-hand self-defense tool. It has three points, but the smaller point is for soft tissue captures. It is an excellent tool to carry, especially when you know help isn’t on the way anytime soon. It can do lots of […]

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Story Mark M

Defender Stories Story Mark H Story Mike H Story Mark M “I’m a lawyer” Master Brusso, Just a quick story and thank you for the work you’ve done over the years and your excellent products. By way of background, I’m a lawyer who: a. hates lawyers; and b. believes everyone should have access to good

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Ronsonator Self Defense Tool

The Ronsonator is Very Aggressive it can save your life! This self defense tool is named after Jon Ronson, BBC channel 4. He came out to the West coast and interviewed me for a film “crazy rulers of the world“. I was in the special and in the book that followed “the men who stare at

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Testimonials You realize the psychological edge… Used the Defender on the JOB! Hi Master Brusso I just bought another Defender 1 from you and just wanted to let you how impressed I am with your products. I am a policeman and think your Defenders are the best last ditch/weapon retention tool. Do you or would

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