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Quick video guide list

1 Watch Weekly Anjing Banfa Lesson 11 11 07 [sword work, sword drills, knife work, teardrop attack, counter stab to the stomach, how to hold your knife, the universal law of escapes, escapes from stalled out] 2 Watch Anjing Banfa Weekly class for 11 18 2007 [knife stances, reverse grip, hostage escape 1, hostage […]

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Online Video Training “self defense videos”

We have a whole series of online video training over on For defender individuals I would suggest the following videos: 1.) Free Online Defender Training 2) Simple Weapons Disarms 3) The Be Real Series These are all money back guarantee so what do you have to risk? Nothing that’s what. They will improve your

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Online Self Defense Tools Training

Defender FREE Online Training Get instant access to our unlimited views online self defense gadget training streamed from YouTube. This means you can start learning all about the defender before you ever get the tools! What is self defense? It is the ability to defend you from aggression. This can be both armed and unarmed. This video will

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