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This page is centered around showing visitors all kinds of fun and great stuff. From podcasts, newsletters, and training!!! Make sure to take a look at the successful “defender stories”, our books, make sure to sign up for our newsletter, see where the defenders go all over the world, and you can find an instructor

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On this page we have put our self defense gadgets such that you can see all the options on one page. Below each section is a clickable menu that will take you to the product of your choice.  Solo Defenders These tools are just as you will see! Previous Next https://youtu.be/9_-uB3vjNow The Solo Defenders are

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Newsletter Sept-Oct 2020 Down load the PDF here: Self Defense Weapon Newsletter Sept Oct 2020 PDF final March 2018 newsletter You can download the PDF at the below link… Newsletter March 2018 v3         Newsletter Newsletter Feb 2018  

If you want the best in self defense!

Most people come to this site interested in the self defense tool benefits; as what they can do for them. This is a great thing as a self defense tool can offer you many self defense benefits; especially when you consider not having one! Are you better with one or not? Well that is obvious

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https://youtu.be/BQhLeroQ88Ahttps://youtu.be/8a8l-6nh7Ychttps://youtu.be/VrVIj7W9M_E You realize the psychological edge… Used the Defender on the JOB! Hi Master Brusso I just bought another Defender 1 from you and just wanted to let you how impressed I am with your products. I am a policeman and think your Defenders are the best last ditch/weapon retention tool. Do you or would

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Swan Self Defense Tool

The swan is a very aggressive model of defenders, self defense tool. It has four points that really work over an attacker; making them let you go and leave you alone. Members of the military love this model for its unprecedented self defense capability. We had an entire British SAS unit deployed in Afghanistan that

Swan Self Defense Tool
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