Xmas special Stealth in Black


Searching and organizing we found 4 stealth defenders in black ready to go live with you! We are giving a 20% discount for this Xmas period.

Out of stock

The stealth defender is a fantastic self defense gadget! Much smaller than any of our other defenders but perfect for a woman’s hands too! This tool has saved at least 10 people that we know of! Recently, it saved a guy trying to help save a life of a small child.  As under suggestions to help via 911 to save the child’s life, he was attacked by onlookers, from behind! Using this tool, and giving CPR he attacked the choke hold arm and slit it open. The attacker left him alone too! When the police and EMS came, they kept trying to fix this guy because he had so much blood on him. He explained what happen and the police asked to see what he used to get free. He showed them and they were amazed. The child lived due to this guy using a stealth defender to continue his CPR. It saved two lives that day! Only 4 in black available!


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