Xmas special 4 pack of Rabbits Gen 1 2021


The Rabbit Defender moved us into the creative mode as we asked ourselves, what would you do next? We had invented the “Guppy” and wanted to take the technology to the next step. We invented the “Rabbit,” adding two big concepts. The first was the serration soft tissue capture, and the second one was the digit capture hole. 

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The Rabbit was the second in the invention chain, and many law enforcement plus security personnel love this tool. It’s different, and you also have free online training. This tool can go anywhere with you and can save your life. Now, as a super deep discount pack of 4 generation 1’s, smoke-colored tools, you can hand them out like Xmas candy to all your loved ones. Great stocking stuffer too. This offer will be discontinued after Xmas day! So don’t delay and get this today! Plus free online training!


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