Xmas special 3 Swan self defense tools


Oh Oh OUCH! This special is all about “ouch” for the bad guys. These tools have four points on them and it turns the bad guy any which way but loose! Here with a deep discount you can now get these bad boys at a super Xmas price!

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We are limiting this special to 5 sets only! Again, these are super aggressive tools that will serve you extremely well for your self defense. Many of these “Swans” are favored by the military units. If you have a family member in the service, this is a great gift for them as it has seen combat both in Iraq and Afghanistan! Super favorite for many of the British SAS teams too. You can get this 3 set and give them out for Xmas gifts. Also, great to hang these by the doors of your house in case you need to defender yourself at the door of your own home! FREE online training too! Also great for women’s self defense!



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