Valentines Day and a Women’s Self Defense Package

Original price was: $102.30.Current price is: $87.33.

The “late” valentines day and women’s self-defense package in “Pink” is now available for purchase. This package runs a wide range of capabilities, giving a viable option of self-defense options. You get a “Traveler” Defender that can go anywhere with you. It is based on “pain compliance rules,” which is opposite to the “Inflicting Damage rules.” The following two defenders are an Echmeier defender and a Dragon Edge, both in PINK!


These two Defenders work on inflicting damage to an attacker to stop them from hurting you. These tools are used only when you get attacked and need to stop that behavior quickly. As you can see, you get a lot of stopping power in this package, and it comes with two easy carry devices. You also get an adjustable Neck Rig that fits all three of these tools and a standard lanyard that also works with these tools.

All tools in this package are in our classic PINK color, the most preferred color for women’s purchases from our records. All this at significant savings too. Value, savings, and saving lives have never gotten easier. A gift that can save a life might be far better than a new pair of house slippers!


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