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The Typhon Defender in RED


The Typhon is designed to cause your attacker(s) injury in short order. In America, we are experiencing a significant increase in violent crime; for example, carjackings, robberies, mugging in plain daylight, rapes, murders, and more. Most of our Defenders are pain compliance devices, which have their place in your defense; however, these days, we need some more capabilities to stop any violent attack on you or your family. The Typhon does just that job!

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The Typhon Defender is devastating by design. Its purpose is not just to issue pain but to take both structure and function away from your attacker. There are three levels of self-defense:

  1. Remove structure: this is where you attack a joint [knees, arms, or fingers] from your attacker.
  2. Remove function: which means you take away things like eyeballs or breathing (chokes or winding). You can attack the heart, kidneys, spleen, or the liver as well.
  3. Death: which doesn’t need much explanation, but things cutting arteries or veins, so they bleed out.

It is obvious that the Typhon can do all of the self-defense levels and do it very well. This is the type of weapon you need for your self-defense in America today or other models like the Eckmeier Defender, the Dragon Edge, The Twin Dragon Tails, or the Ninja Defenders.

The Typhon Defender comes with the following features:

  • Chisel top edge for slicing and cutting
  • Front sharp point for stabbing, attacking eyes, attacking ears, and to punish punches and kicks.
  • Sawtooth features to scrape on the skin, which will make a significant cut.
  • A pointed and chisel cut on one side of the pommel for stabbing and slicing.
  • Good anti-grapple features.
  • Digit capture hole which fits a neck rig or a solo Kydex holster.
  • Has two small holes for a standard Defender Lanyard.


Kydex Holster Neck Rig
Super great way to carry your Defenders
Standard Lanyard





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