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The Twin Dragon Tails (CLEAR)


Out of the old box marked “miscellaneous” came this red long curved Defender. As I looked at it, I

couldn’t remember making it; however, the more I looked at it, I saw some absolute brilliance at the design’s start. Much time has passed since that early start, so I started to fold into the design many of our field experiences plus new additions. This became the “Twin Dragon Tails Defender.” This is a great Defender for your self-defense, and it will serve you well. It will deliver tons of damage very quickly, which should make the bad guy change his mind about attacking you anymore!

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One end of the Twin Dragon Tails Defender is a very sharp point for stabbing, and the other is a chisel edge blade configuration. A chisel edge means that it’s only sharp on one side; thus, it cuts the cutting resistance by 50%. This Defender also has a digit capture hole plus two holes for the Defender Standard Lanyard. The digit capture hole will support our Kydex Holsters alone or with neck rigs for easy carry. The way we suggest you use this Defender is to hold it with your palm down and the sharp point on the outside of your hand. The slicing chisel edge will be on the inside of your grip. When any punches or kicks come at you, attack them with the pointed end. Watch the video on this Defender to see this shown explicitly. All the points on the Defender can be used to move a body around very effortlessly.



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