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The Traveler Defender in RED


The Traveler Defender can go anywhere you go! It has no sharp points or cutting surfaces that other self-defense tools have. A good portion of the Defender self-defense weapons have functional surfaces that can’t get past a security check. Therefore, if you always want a Defender with you the Traveler is an excellent choice for every day and everywhere carry.


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The Traveler Defender has these three improvement areas compared to a go everywhere Guppy:

  1. Smaller impact area in the front. This means that the kinetic energy transfer from the Defender to the target is concentrated into a smaller spot, resulting in more damage and pain.
  2. The digit capture hole allows for more potential anti-grapple capability. It also allows the Traveler to be carried in a Kydex holster neck rig or a Kydex holster solo with a clip. The latter allows you to clip the tool onto your clothing, backpack, or the like.
  3. The pommel end of the Defender is slightly pointed to increase the damage done to a target because of the smaller area for kinetic energy transfer to the target. Not to be too technical here, but we all know a pointed stick hurts more than a non-pointed stick!

This is an excellent Defender for you to carry anywhere you travel. Non-lethal by design but fully featured to stop the BAD GUY!

Other options that work well with the Traveler Defender:

Kydex Holster Neck Rig
Super great way to carry your Defenders
Standard Lanyard





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